I am plugging along. I skipped most of the cardio today in the gym; I just didn’t eat enough, and the water I kept drinking was sloshing. I woke up without an alarm, slept very well, took a coffee break at 2 p.m. in lieu of a real lunch, and I’m ready to doze off here on the couch. Which is probably for the best, because I have an early day tomorrow.

What else?

Today I wore contacts and switched foundations and was asked multiple times if I’d gotten my hair cut. The switch was from bareMinerals in Fairly Light to Clinique Even Better in Alabaster – yes, I am ridiculously white or, as I blurted out to the African-American Sephora saleslady who helped me find a better shade after I returned one for looking like calamine lotion on me, “Apparently I’m whiter than I thought.”

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