Food is fuel. This is something actual athletes remember but something I never quite learned. Growing up, the only vegetables at our dinner table were iceberg lettuce and canned corn. The only time we ate broccoli was as part of a casserole called “broccoli bake,” where it was drowned in cream of mushroom soup and cheese and smothered in white rice.

So, yeah. I’m not sure if the last few days of extreme fatigue are pollen-related or if I just wasn’t eating enough. Considering how much better I felt this evening after we went out for chicken fajitas without tortillas or rice (and apparently chicken fajitas are all I want to eat this week, as I just made them on Tuesday), I’m thinking the fatigue is just the consequences of not taking a proactive approach to my meals now that convenience foods aren’t an option. I haven’t taken my lunch all week. I’m not eating breakfast. I consider, briefly, ordering pizza with a gluten-free crust before I leave work, then I don’t do it.

I will be spending some time this weekend planning next week’s meals, for certain.

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  1. Lesley says:

    Meal planning is si important. I’ve been lax for weeks and it’s really showing. It’s not easy, either. But I start from a long list of entrees and sides and take seasonality into consideration.