I’ve been tired and distracted all day. Even though I got eight hours of sleep. I think it’s allergies, in part – I am, after all, doing mat work outside at the exact time grass is doing it – but also it’s adjusting to the new normal of kickstarting my metabolism at dawn. Ordinarily, a banana, a protein shake, and a coffee would be enough to last me through until lunch. Today, I was sitting at a learning event, seriously pondering eating one of the giant pastries on the front table — even though I have yet to do any reintroduction of gluten into my diet in at least six weeks — because I was so hungry that I felt like I was going to be sick anyway.

On the way back to the office I picked up and promptly ate 1,000 calories’ worth of lunch: some tilapia and steamed broccoli … and two giant gluten-free cookies. And then I kept eating string cheese I’d intended to be my snack stash for the rest of the week.

This is not sustainable. I need to eat reasonable portions that actually sate my hunger.

The bootcamp instructor suggested eating more protein in the morning, so I’ll be taking hard-boiled egg whites for a mid-morning snack. I’m also baking salmon for Stephen’s dinner tonight and my lunch tomorrow (which counts as a new recipe, as I’ve never prepared any fish not in stick form).

Tomorrow isn’t a big day, but it is larger than most days. It will be the first time I make it to a young nonprofit professionals event. I will also be running an errand on lunch that is long overdue. It’s all part of thinking of everything as a marathon, not a sprint. Pacing myself, etc.

Except, unlike this weekend’s marathon, I don’t plan to be on the sidelines watching everyone else run by.

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