When I was five, my kindergarten teacher sent me home with a note on my report card that said I talked too much. When I was fifteen, a teacher wrote on a progress report that I was “reticent.” As an adult I find myself somewhere between those extremes.

I spent the first three years of college majoring in computer science, mostly against my will, while taking as many philosophy and creative writing classes as I could cram into my schedule without requesting an overload. Then I grew a spine, joined the student newspaper staff, met the man who would become my husband, and changed my major.

I now hold a bachelor’s degree in communications and an MBA, and I manage digital marketing efforts for a large regional not-for-profit organization. While I may occasionally blog about digital marketing best practices and trends, I don’t blog about work here.

I live with my husband, Stephen, in East Nashville, Tennessee, a neighborhood the New York Times has called “a hub for [the city’s] culturally savvy.” What this means is that it’s the sort of place where you’re likely to see some serious Sally Jessy glasses, skinny co-eds trying to wear leggings as pants, and shaggy-haired dads with a toddler in one arm and a pink wet bag in the other—frequently in a location offering “artisanal/housemade/local” something-or-other. (It’s like Portlandia’s laid-back Southern cousin.)

My other hobbies, besides signing up for 5Ks and daydreaming about fish pose during sun salutations, include reading far too much, keeping (and plowing through) very long to-do lists, and obsessively checking weather reports in the spring and summer.

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